A Once-In-A-Lifetime Immigration Opportunity!

Now you’re here, I’m sure there are many questions popping into your head. And I expect one of those that is popping the loudest is: “Why should I spend my hard earned money on an immigration consultancy service when I could surely do it all myself?”

It’s a very fair question and it deserves an equally fair response. The clue to the answer is in the question. It’s the word ‘service’.

For example: I have the intellectual nous to service my car myself. I also have all the tools, knowledge of where to buy all necessary oil and parts, and because it is such an important task, I could also manage to ensure that I’d make the time available to do it. However, I choose not to.


Well, there are many reasons. It would take up valuable time that I could be spending doing other things. But I think the main reason that I entrust the job to someone else – to a professional – is for the peace of mind that it brings me.

And that’s what clients pay immigration consultants for – peace of mind. You get an expert to do all the crucial strategic thinking and analysis, as well as someone to do all the necessary administrative heavy-lifting – running around after officials, waiting for the relevant authorities to respond, et cetera – saving you hours or days of invaluable time. And who could put a price on that moment when a highly experienced immigration consultant says to you: Don’t worry; your Golden Residence Permit will be approved. It’s all about peace of mind for you and your family.

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November 2nd, 2014